Do These 5 Things To Guarantee A Great Week

I am convinced that if you do these 5 things you will have a great week.

1. Do something crazy and unexpected that your staff or students would not expect. While it is important that our students and staffs realize that we take our jobs seriously, it is important for them to realize that we don’t take ourselves as seriously.

2. Make sure you give yourself something to look forward to each day, each weekend, each month,etc.  When your day gets busy and stress starts to creep in remember that you have something to look forward to later on that night, and later on that weekend and later on that month. We must instill in our students, our staffs and ourselves that school is important, but that there is much more to life than school.

3. Wake up a half hour earlier than usual. Use this time for yourself. Educators’ time is less and less their own. Maybe you will just read, in silence. Maybe you will exercise. Maybe you will sit and slowly drink your cup of coffee instead of funneling it down on the way to work or on the way down the hallway. Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure that you take the time for yourself.

4. Make every effort to remember the “totally awesome” things you did during the week. We tend to dwell on the things that did not go well. This only causes more stress and brings us down. We will all make mistakes and that’s ok. I recently read a quote that I love. I cannot remember who said it but it goes like this:  “Do the best you can until you know differently, and then do differently.” We can’t be so hard on ourselves. Our jobs are hard enough, we don’t need to bring ourselves down.

5. Take the time to complement 5 people this week for something they have done. This will not only make them feel better but it will also become infectious. The people you complement will begin completing others and so on and so on.

Have a great week!

Let me know how it goes at @Jonharper70bd

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