PLN Blogging Challenge

11 Random Facts

1. I once got two speeding tickets in one hour.

2. I have seen Milli Vanilli perform live.

3. I majored in Philosophy from Furman University

4. My favorite kids movie is Imagine That with Eddie Murphy.

5. My wife is a 4th grade teacher.

6. Pat Conroy is my favorite author.

7. I get dizzy on a swing.

8. My son loves the minions from Despicable Me 2

9. My wife convinced me to see New Kids On The Block last summer, and they were good.

10. I don’t like seafood but live on the eastern shore of Maryland.

11. I once bought a book on how to breakdance.

Here are 11 questions that were posed to me by Andrew Sharos
1. What is your favorite quote about education?
“Leaders eat last” Simon Sinek. I know it is the title of his book but the concept is simple yet awesome.
2. What are you most passionate about in life?
I am most passionate about my family. They make my life a wonderful place to be. I am lucky to have an amazing wife, an incredible daughter and a spunky-funny son. Whenever I feel stress creeping in at school I just look at their photos and know that I get to go home to them each and every day. I only wish all of my students had families as awesome as mine to go home to.
3. If you were having students work in groups, how many should the group have to be most effective?
I think 4 because the odds are against one person being by themselves. I also think with 4 you have better odds for various talents to shine through.
4. What is your favorite Sunday activity?
My favorite Sunday activity is to lay around the house all day with family doing as little as possible. We eat, we read, we watch tv and when my son naps I get to write. Too often I think we don’t allow ourselves the chance to recharge our batteries so that we are ready to attack Mondays.
5. Which twitter chat is your favorite?
My favorite twitter chat is #satchat. The moderators  @DCulberhouse and @bcurrie5 are great. I also can relax more knowing that is the weekend.
6. Who inspires you the most?
Todd Whitaker inspires me the most. His books and talks are incredible. His advice works and he interacts and stays in touch with his followers.
7. What advice would you give to someone interviewing for a job?
Prepare prepare prepare. When answering questions be sure to give real-world examples that help the interviewer to remember your story. You must stand out and have something that separates you from the rest.
8. What will classrooms look like in 20 years?
Classrooms will be even more computer based. While this can be a good thing I worry we will sacrifice some of our ability to talk to one another if we don’t make teamwork and cooperative learning a major component at all times. I also hope the demographics of teachers will be more diverse.
9. Most significant historical event/sporting moment you’ve seen “live” in person?
I saw one of good friends win a bodybuilding contest. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in person. I knew how hard he had worked and I knew he was in great shape. But, I had no idea how he could prepare to look the way he did for the night of the competition.
10. What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
My greatest professional accomplishment was becoming a nationally board certified teacher. It took two attempts and much time, but it felt good once I earned the recognition. I was able to do this when I was single with no kids. Those people who earn it when they are married with kids are superheroes.
11. Best concert you have ever been to?
The best concert I ever attended was when I saw blues singer Keb Mo in Charleston, South Carolina. My wife and I were in the front row and it was incredible. He ended with a tribute to Ray Charles who had just passed away.
Below are 11 educators/bloggers that I am challenging to answer my questions. I respect all of them for making me a better educator and inspiring me to do great things.
1. Dennis Sparks
2. John Gunnell
3. Dwight Carter
4. Ken Williams
5. Walter Reap
6. Justin Tarte
7. Aaron Becker
8. Tom Whitby
9. David Culberhouse
10. Joshua Starr
11.Erin Klein
Here are 11 questions I have for my blogging friends:
1. What will be on your stop doing list for 2014 (as per Jim Collins Good To Great)?
2. What is the best book you’ve read this year?
3. In your opinion, what is your best post/piece of writing this year?
4. Will Ferrell or Chris Farley?
5. For or against the Common Core?
6. What is the best conference session/talk  you’ve attended/viewed this year?
7. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
8. Jon Stewart or Stepen Colbert?
9. What is your favorite movie related to education?
10. Why should I attend an Edcamp?
11. Who is your mentor?

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