Great Day Organizer

I recently put in a proposal to present at a local conference. My topic deals with how to stay positive and reduce stress in the 21st century. I  created a graphic organizer that I plan on using regardless of whether or not my proposal is accepted. It can be filled out at different times of the day and should only take a few minutes of reflection and forward thinking. I find much inspiration from my PLN and therefore have mentioned and referenced some fellow bloggers, who among many others, have had a profound influence on my thinking. I welcome any feedback, advice, edits, etc. for it is simply a work in progress. My plan is to complete this organizer every day to see what happens.

The first column focuses on being grateful. I believe starting the day by reflecting on what we are grateful for is always a great idea. And let’s be honest, life is pretty good for most of us. The article, “11 Signs You’re Doing Just Fine”, written by Ernest Dempsey, is a good reminder of this fact.

The second column is my own creation, and something I use to help me stay positive when my day gets a little stressful. I truly believe that sometimes we have to remember that “this too shall pass”, and that we have much to look forward to in life. We can’t ever forget this. I also use this technique with my students. I try to help them find things to look forward to so that they don’t let what takes place at school get them down. This is not always easy because many of them have very difficult lives. But, I believe we must help them, or give them, things in life that they can look forward to. This column is not meant to diminish living in the moment, something that I think is crucially important. It is simply a way to stay positive and for a moment shift your focus to something they may help to ease tension.

The third column is a result of the human mind dwelling on negative events more than positive events. Too often, myself included, we fixate mostly on the negative events that took place during our day, when if we reflect honestly, there were most likely many more positive than negative events that took place. This column of the organizer forces us to sit down and remember 5 things that went well. I’m betting we could list many more if we tried! I can’t help but think of Jimmy Casas’ piece, “How We Respond Is Our Choice” when I think of this column. His piece was uplifting and inspiring and can be found at .

Finally, I believe it is crucial that we thank people more than we already do. Everyone loves being thanked and everyone has someone to thank. Too often we think that a proper thank-you requires us to handwrite a letter or send a thank you card.  And therefore we don’t do anything.  A kind word, short email or a nice tweet can mean a lot to someone and it will also make you feel better. George Couros’ piece, “The Selfishness Of Kindness” illustrates the power of giving thanks in a very touching tribute to his father. His moving piece can be found at .

The link below should be to the organizer. I am currently working on how to upload documents to my blog. My blog is a work in progress. Have a great day!

Great Day 1

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