Who’s In? Part 2


Ever since about mid December I have had the blogging/Twitter bug. I have enjoyed writing and reading and learning so much it is has almost become addictive. My 8-year-old daughter has been jokingly teasing me saying that Twitter is my new girlfriend. Then thought, why not try to infect my daughter with this same passion? I read about it all the time on Twitter.

About two weeks ago I tweeted, it still feels weird typing this verb, Pernille Ripp about ideas to help get my daughter get excited and interested and engaged. She suggested having her create a blog. So we did. And she tinkered with it a couple of times. I made sure not to push it on her, but I also felt that if she got hooked it would be great.

Earlier this week I had enjoyed responding to a couple of Pernille’s students’ posts about rules and figured I’d try having my daughter do the same. She got into it and had fun.

Then it came! Last night while I was at a school event my daughter got hooked! On the way home I called and she excitedly answered the phone saying, “Daddy, I can’t wait for you to come home and see my blog posts.” Wow!

When I got home she showed me her posts and she discussed how she wanted to change backgrounds. She was so excited! I don’t know how long it will last but she is having fun and being creative at the same time. What more could I ask!

Thanks for reading and share your own quick, positive, stream of consciousness post if you have 20-30 free minutes.

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