Who’s in? #3

daddy daughter

Last week my wife noticed that Chili’s was having a Daddy-Daughter Night. So we marked it on the calendar and my daughter and I looked forward to it for days.

We went last night and it was an experience I will never forget. The drive was fun because unlike most trips in the car, my daughter wanted to spend a lot of time just talking. She kept asking me if I could turn the radio down just so we could talk. This rarely happens! It was special.

When we got there they had special seating for daddies and daughters with balloons and candy at the table. They took our picture and later my daughter got to decorate it and put it in a frame. When I asked her where she was going to put the framed picture she told me I could put it in my office. I was hoping she’d say that. The dinner was fun, good food, good bonding, the type of time I need to arrange for more often.

When we left, we took the few leftover candies with us and the small balloon with helium. We had decided that we would give her little brother the leftover candies, but I wondered what she  would decide about the balloon. My son loves helium balloons, so I was hoping she would decide to give it to him.

Then we walked outside ans she did something that surprised and touched me immensely. She said, ” Daddy, I want to send the balloon up to Pop Pop Jay so he can know what a great time we had tonight.”

ballon in sky

Pop Pop Jay is my dad, who passed away 15 years ago. Long before my daughter was ever born. We talk about him often and she always asks me to tell her stories about him. Once again my little girl touched me with her depth of spirit and her beautiful heart.

Last night was a night that I will never forget. I think it definitely qualified as 44 sunset moments wrapped up in one. The “sunset moment” reference refers to my previous piece. Thanks for reading and I would love to hear about your stories!

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