I had to get up from my chair, step away from my serious work of typing a post, and see what in the world that bizarre noise was behind me. And, when I found out I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was infuriated!

My 8-year-old daughter, who knows better, had been doing this:


Throwing socks from the top of the stairs on to our chandelier. And thinking it was fun! And thinking that she was funny!

“Bailey, get over here! What in the world! Go sit down over there please!” And in a few seconds it hit me.

That was pretty funny and that looks pretty fun! I called her over and we both laughed about it. Mind you, I told her no more. I didn’t want to have a fire hazard hanging in my foyer.

And then as always, with my kids’ little moments that move me to think, I wondered, what was this moment meant to teach me?

I think it was meant to tell me to relax and have more fun. I think it was meant to remind me that kids are predisposed to look for ways to have fun and so are we. We never lose our desire to have fun, even when we become adults. We just suppress it because we think we are supposed to. And that’s sad. And I am guilty of this.

Start having more fun! Today!

Start small. Leave the refrigerator door open. Sing, rap, dance with your kids. Work your way up to the really big stuff. Before you know it you’ll be having fun with your children and students instead of having to always be the person putting kids in Fun Jail.

Who knows, you might just get put in there yourself. But, if you do give me a call, I’ll bail you out!


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