Who’s In #4?

stuffed animals

The motivation and story behind “Who’s In?” https://jonharper70.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/whos-in/

Kids are so over stuffed animals! I feel like we just bagged up about a hundred of them to give away.

But yesterday when my kids got these giant stuffed animals from my mom as early Valentine’s Day gifts their faces lit up. The sheer size of them was amazing. My two-year old told us that his was his girlfriend, but then he proceeded to perform WWF moves on her for the next half hour.

This morning both kids sat their giant stuffed animals at the kitchen table during breakfast. It was absolutely adorable. My son actually fed his stuffed animal applesauce. He did the voices and everything.

Last fall I was lucky enough to get to go to Walt Disney World. I must admit I was always surprised when grown adults would wait in line to have their pictures with the cartoon characters.

Now I realize that they still have a lot of “little kid” inside of them. And that is awesome! I just wanted to share a happy moment!

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