Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?


You just go on your computer and type all of the time. I don’t understand it. We use to play all the time. And now it seems like the only time you talk to me is when you’re giving me advice or telling me something I did wrong.

I know I shouldn’t say, “What is it this time?” I know I should be more polite and say, “Yes, Daddy” or “No, Daddy”.  But you’re my Daddy and why should I have to perfect around you? I have to be perfect all day. Get good grades. Be kind to everyone. Don’t talk when the teacher’s talking.

I know. I know. But it’s not easy. Always having to do the right thing. Always having to do my best. Sometimes I just want to do. And it might be my best and it might not be.

And so what? I can’t be Little Miss Perfect!

I’m sorry. I know that wasn’t polite. And I know I have an incredible life compared to many of my friends. I know. I know!

But Daddy, I just want to have some time where you and I can just be and not have to worry about the time. And not have to worry about what you have to do to get ready for school tomorrow.

I don’t want a block of your time. I want ALL of your time. Like I use to have. You use to hold me and carry and sing to me. And it felt like nothing else mattered. There was no school, no “Yes Daddy” or “No Daddy.”

There was just giggles and chase and hide and messes. We use to make some big messes. Well maybe I made them. But, you didn’t use to make me clean them up right away. You use to think it was funny.

Messes still are funny Dad. Or at least they can be, if you’d just let them stay messes for just a little while longer. Messes aren’t made to clean up. We make messes because they remind us that neat isn’t always fun. Neat isn’t neat it’s  boring! We’ll clean them up, we always did. Well, maybe you did and I pretended to help.

But I’m older now and I can help you clean them. I promise I will. If you just let them be for just a little while longer. You’ll see. I’m not the same girl I use to be.

Well actually I am with just a lot more awesome added on. I haven’t forgotten how we use to read books in the closet or dance to Michael Buble. I haven’t.

And Daddy, if you just let me continue being a kid for just a little while longer I promise I’ll be good. It’s just I miss you being my Daddy. You don’t always need to teach me something. I promise I’ll keep getting straight A’s and be nice to everyone in my class. You know I will. I always have.

So what do you say Daddy?

I miss you.

“Honey, let’s go build that snowman.”


The link to “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”  from Frozen

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