Anything-Anytime People


Every school has them.

Every school needs them.

Some of us might even be them.

Anything-Anytime People

These are the people who will drop whatever they are doing to help you. It doesn’t matter what you need. They are there. Always!

The type of person that will help you rearrange your classroom at 5 o’clock. The type of person that will write your lesson plan for you because you are home with your sick child. The type of person that will cover you class while you get yourself together because you just need an extra minute. The type of person that will skip their lunch and their planning period because they know that you need them.

Some schools have a few of these folks and some schools have many. Either way, I am of the opinion that they are one of the most invaluable resources that a school or organization may have.

Yet oftentimes they go unnoticed!

They go unnoticed because they are not usually the best at what they do, but they are the best at helping you be the best at what you do!

And that means a lot!

In fact, I think that means everything!

Think about it. If you were starting from scratch and your goal was to create the best team possible who would you choose? The person that is awesome at what they do or the person that helps to make everyone around them awesome at what they do?

Once in a while you find that rare person who possesses both qualities. But not often.

So the purpose of this short post is two-fold.

First, if you are an Anything-Anytime person. Thank you! You are what keeps things going. You don’t always get the award and you don’t always get the credit but you are more important than you can ever imagine. And unfortunately you probably did not even know it.

Second, start to notice who the Anything-Anytime people are in your life. And thank them. And watch out for them. Because putting your needs before their’s can be intrinsically rewarding for them, but it can also take its toll. Once in a while step in and be there for these people. Switch the roles.

Who knows?

You might just find that you too are an Anything-Anytime person.

And if you are,

Thank You!

thank you

Your selflessness is not going unnoticed.


  1. Jon, What a great post! I was just finishing up my Monday Matters message to staff and it focused on gratitude. It occurs to me that we are on the same wavelength! We need to do more thank yous and less forget yous.

  2. So true…So true! Warner’s Anything-Anytime Person is Susan Walz! I praise her as much as possible. She is a paraprofessional that will do anything and everything to help people. The World needs more of this.

    You’re exactly right Jon, we need to notice and thank these individuals for their unending self-less-ness. They are the definition of unselfish.

  3. Jon,
    Like my friends above, I too feel compelled to comment. I love this blog.
    I am fortunate enough to work with a staff filled with anything-Anytime people. I know that may sound strange coming from a principal, but our staff is awesome that way.
    Actually, your above commenter Lisa Meade is one of those people as well.
    Thanks for another outstanding blog.

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