Sometimes It’s Ok To Stop, If Just For A Moment


We check our Twitter feed, oftentimes on our phones. We read as many journals, books and blogs as possible. We attend conferences when time and money allow. We do all of these things in the hopes of moving forward and advancing our practice so that we can better help our students, staffs and ourselves reach our full potential.

But do we ever stop?

Do we ever allow ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our labors? Or are we constantly thinking about the next harvest?

The difficult thing about the profession we are in is that we always see room for improvement and we are always striving to get better. And that’s okay.


We do often meet goals that we set for ourselves. And we know that we often make a positive difference in the lives of others. My concern is that we are not allowing ourselves the time and space and the freedom to feel good about ourselves. Instead, we are always thinking about what work needs to be done next.

What does the MVP of the Super Bowl say right after they’ve won the game?


“I’m going to Disney World!” not “Let me go look at the tape of the game to see how I can get even better for next year.”

I worry that we are traveling at such a fast pace that we are not allowing ourselves to feel comfortable with who and where we are and what we are accomplishing. And this is damaging our profession’s psyche.

I can only speculate as to the results of a self-esteem survey completed by educators. Informally though, I know that educators never feel as if they are doing enough. And, unfortunately the public perception, for what it’s worth, is often the same.

This can’t be!

Educators work too hard and invest too much time to feel this way. I am not suggesting for a moment that we shouldn’t keep pushing forward or that we shouldn’t always aim to improve and challenge ourselves.

I simply feel we need to take more time to stop, if just for a moment, and allow ourselves to feel good about what we’ve accomplished.


Because when we finally reach the top of a mountain, no matter how small, we should always take the time to appreciate the view.

We’ve earned it!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. You will excuse me, then, for the next week as my husband and I travel a tiny bit for spring break!! 🙂 No TweetDeck, means I may not see a new post! 😉 Take care, Jon, and enjoy appreciating the view!

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