It’s A Shame We Don’t Have Tails, Or Do We?

wagging tail

Driving home today I became distracted by the what was taking place in the car in front of me. At first it appeared to me that what I was looking at was a child waving their arms back and forth at a pace and consistency that bordered on frantic. But after a while I realized that what I was observing was not a child at all. What had been distracting me for the past thirty seconds was a large dog, sitting in the back seat, happily wagging its tail back and forth.

What began as a minor distraction, ended up being a small moment of joy that caused me to reflect on my own lack of a tail and its potential benefits. Just watching this dog wagging its tail simply because he was going for a ride in the car made me wonder if somewhere down the line evolution didn’t do us a disservice by removing ours.

Imagine the benefits of being able to subtly, or sometimes not so subtly, being able to show the world you are happy. And here’s the thing. It usually doesn’t take much for a dog to wag their tail. We on the other hand have raised the bar so high that it often takes a monumental celebration before we allow others to see just how happy we really are on the inside.


What are we afraid of?

Someone might take us less seriously or they might think we are a tad aloof? Sounds good to me. I can live with both of those impressions. Watching this morning’s #satchat was a great example of folks wagging their tails and having fun. I loved it!

I think it’s time we start taking some cues from our canine companions and start wagging our tails a little more. Actually a lot more. When we are happy we need to show it. Because if we do, then it will become infectious. Our students and staff will see us wagging and will begin doing the same. They won’t even know why they are wagging, but they will wag.

Before long everyone will shaking their tails and they may not even know why. But who cares? Because they will loving every minute of it.

So Monday when you go back to work try it out. See for yourself. I’m betting before long you will have a school full of tail-shakers!



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