Who’s In #5?

whos in 5

The motivation behind “Who’s In?”


My 3 year old son and 8 year old daughter argue probably just about as much as any other pair of siblings. But sometimes it drives me crazy! Yesterday was no exception.

They had decided to go outside and play in the backyard. My wife and I were happy because we were ready for a few moments of peace to ourselves. Hardly ten minutes had passed when I heard my son crying.

My initial reaction was that my daughter must have done something to upset him. It seems to be that is how the cycle goes. He will do something to her and she gets upset and then she retaliates. Or vice versa.

So I got up from my comfortable position and went to see who I had to “talk to” this time. What I saw was not what I had expected. My daughter was sitting on the ground holding her brother and comforting him as he was hugging her. He had hurt his lip on the tire swing and she was talking to him and telling him it was going to be ok.

I couldn’t have been more wrong and I couldn’t have been happier. I am quite certain that they argued and fussed a little later in the day. I don’t remember exactly. What I do remember precisely is that when my son needed someone to comfort him his sister was right there.

Sometimes I just love being wrong. Please join me and share a quick positive story. As I reference and explain in “Who’s In?”, you don’t need to spend too much time on it. The point is to share with your PLN a moment that touched you. Don’t think too hard and don’t worry about the quality. Focus on the moment. I’m sure we will all be much happier that you did.

Save your masterpieces for another day. Make this piece about the moment. The more we are able to touch each other’s hearts and make each other smile, the better off we all are.


Today was one of those days that sometimes gets lost in the others. Nothing major stood out and it was actually quite a relaxing day. I had my radar on and I was consciously making an attempt to search for the positive. And there were numerous events that could qualify.

The one that stood out thought was a simple 10 second exchange in the hallway. I was walking down the hallway when I saw a third grade student who always makes my day. She stopped, smiled brightly, and said, “there is my favorite vice principal” and gave me a hug. It’s always a running joke, because I’m the only vice principal. She is the type of child who is always happy and her hugs and smiles make my day.

She definitely made my day. We must always remember that a smile and a hug can make someone’s day. And here’s the thing. It is infectious. Watching others that are happy and caring makes others want to do the same. Give an extra smile and hug tomorrow. They are worth their weight in gold.


I realize it may sound odd, but I often like to start my day off with a nice hot bath. Today was no different. I had the bath at a nice warm temperature and was preparing to relax for a few minutes before the day began.

Just when I was going to get in my three-year old son came in the bathroom and said, “Daddy, I take a bath too!” How could I resist?

The only problem was that I like a warm bath and my son likes a cool bath. Well, I had to turn the cold water on full blast. It definitely changed the entire experience. But for the better.

Instead of taking a quiet relaxing warm bath in silence I got to have a cool splashy bath with my son. I got to be the turtle and he was the shark. I didn’t think it was quite fair but he called the shark first.

I have plenty of time left to take quiet warm baths by myself. But the number of turtle/shark baths left for me are numbered.

Next time though I get to be the shark!

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  1. I have a 3-year old daughter and a 2-year old son. Our daughter has been REALLY well behaved lately and has been saving up money in her piggy bank. My daughter said that she wanted to go shopping with her money, so I agreed to match the amount she had and take her shopping. She had $6 saved up, so I doubled it and made it $12.

    My two year old son has been having a rough couple of weeks. He has been melting down and crying if he doesn’t get his way. My son and daughter have been frustrated with each other lately, and I find myself reading a LOT about how to foster positive brother-sister relationships. Often I feel that whatever we are doing is not working.

    I received a wonderful surprise, however, when I went shopping with my daughter. It was just her and I that went to the store. We talked the whole way there about all of the good things we remembered from the week. When we got to the store, all that she wanted to buy was stuff for her little brother Jack. She kept saying she wanted to get him a “ball” and a “dinosaur” and a “car” and everything we saw. I reminded her that she could spend the money to get herself something nice, but she kept insisting that she wanted to surprise Jack with a present.

    In the end, she spent $8 total; $7 on Jack and $1 on herself. She was SO EXCITED to give the presents to her little brother….and he was happy to receive them. Needless to say, I put $12 into her piggy bank. That day was on me, and I loved it.

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