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I went from #293 to #428 in one day. Wow! What did I do wrong? Or what didn’t I do right? I actually was proud of myself this week. I presented at a conference and I published a piece on an online blog. And yet I was allowing a score to drop my self-esteem, if just for a moment.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, I am referring to my Teach 100 blog ranking. Teach 100 is a site that ranks blogs based on four major components. I had noticed the badge on various blogs that I read and thought I would submit mine just for fun. The folks that run the site are very nice and said that they would take a look at my blog and would consider it for their site. My first ranking was somewhere in the 300’s and I really had no idea what that meant, but I thought it was pretty cool!

The only problem was that now that I had a ranking I wanted to try to improve it. I read on the site that you if you email the staff at Teach 100 with news of updates or improvements in your blog, that they will reconsider your Teach Score, the one subjective component included in the ranking calculations. So I did just that. I felt as if I had made some major improvements in the quality of my blog and was hoping that the staff at Teach 100 would reconsider my score. They did reconsider and raised my one score one point. I was psyched!

But I was becoming a hypocrite. I was putting value in a number. I was putting value in a score. And I was doing just the opposite of what I write about in my blog.

Each morning I would look to see what my score was and for a moment I would feel proud if my score improved and I would feel a little down if my score decreased. What bullshit!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not casting judgment on anyone whose blog is on Teach 100. To be quite honest, the blogs listed on the Teach 100 site are phenomenal and are all well worth following. I simply can not continue to keep my blog on the site because I feel as if the value of my thoughts and ideas can not be measured by a number.

I also know that if I continue to include my blog on the site I will still check my ranking every so often. I do not have the self-discipline not to. And I may continue, if only just for a moment, to feel just a little down if my ranking were to drop. No matter how much I tell myself not to. And I can’t allow myself these moments.

Once again, I want to make it very clear that I am not judging anyone whose blog is on the site. They are a phenomenal group of individuals whose thoughts and ideas inspire and motivate me each and every day. I also want to make it clear that my decision to remove my blog from the site is not a comment on Teach 100 at all.  The site is all about collaboration and sharing ideas. How can that be bad? I simply have decided to remove my blog form the site.


I have three members of my PLN whose recent pieces motivated me to write this piece and motivated me to make the decision that I have. Todd Nesloney’s Scores Are In , Jim Cordery’s I Made It and Ben Gilpin’s What determines a successful school year? are inspirational pieces about not allowing numbers and rankings and scores to determine self-worth or value. Thank you gentlemen for inspiring me to do what is right for me!

Oh, I almost forgot. One more person helped me make this decision. Melissa Nixon, a new member of my PLN wrote a touching post titled It All Begins With A Smile this morning that was motivated by an InstaQuote that I created yesterday. It made my day and maybe even my week. Thank you ,Melissa! I am going to do everything in my power to try not to ever base my self-esteem on a number and I will try to motivate others to do the same.

When I woke up this morning I was #428 but after reading her post I felt like #1!


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2 comments on “#428

  1. I love it, Jon. I know what you mean. I too, used to fall into the checking my ranking often. I’d even post if my score went up… I stopped checking. A lot for the same reason you spoke of. I don’t want want to devalue what I do. Thanks for being so honest, always.

  2. Oh Jon, I know what you mean, I did that with the Bammy Awards last year to see if more people had left comment. I have been told my blog is on the Teach 100 site, checked it a few times since then and then realized I didn’t care. I don’t write to be ranked, I write to reflect and no score will ever show that.

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