How You Say My Name Matters To Me

How you say my name matters to me.

You see, I’ve heard it said many different ways. Some I like and some I don’t and some are in between.

But I notice. Please know that I do. You may not realize it, but the way you say my name can make or break my day. Because I listen. And I don’t just hear the sounds the sounds that come out of your mouth, but I hear what’s behind them. Sometimes they sting and sometimes they soothe. Sometimes they excite and sometimes they ignite. But I always hear the way you say my name.

My name is not just a bunch of letters strung together to make a word. It is who I was. It is who I am. But more than anything, it is who I believe I can be. So please treat it with care because there are times when it is all I have.

I know it’s not much and it may not seem like a big deal. It’s just that there are many days when you are the only person that I can count on. To say my name the way that makes me feel good about myself. And when you do everything is okay in the world. I am able to block out everything else because I know that you are happy with me.

I know that to you I may be only one out of twenty or one out of one hundred or maybe even one out of five hundred.

But to me.

At that moment.

Your are one out of one.

The one that I look up to.

The one who’s taught be to believe in myself.

And because of you I now do.

I need you to know that there have been times when you have said my name in a way that made me think a little bit less of myself. Maybe you were angry. Maybe you had had a bad day. Maybe I had done something wrong. But the way you said my name that day hurt. And I didn’t like it. In fact I hated it!

And I can always tell, just by the way you say name, how you feel about me. At least I think I can.

When you say my name, please remember to take care in how it leaves your mouth. You may not always realize it, but it means a lot to me. You mean a lot to me.

I just wanted you to know because you are always telling us to use our words to express how we feel. Instead of keeping them locked up. So I am doing that now. I hope you will not be mad at me, but I just had to tell you.

How you say my name matters to me.





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