Could You Please Help Us To Be Better?

We tell you what to do all day!

What to read! How to read!

What to write! How to write!

When you can go to the bathroom and when you can’t!

We educators really do want to do what’s best for you, but we don’t always know how.

We read books written by adults. We have meetings with just adults. We go to conferences and listen to adults speak.

What we don’t do is ask you what you think.

We need to start!

I believe that you can play a big part in helping us get better at what we do. You see things we don’t. You know what is boring and what is not. You are the ones we are trying to engage so please tell us how to do a better job of it!

When I say we, I mean the people that follow me on Twitter (2,196 as of today). There are people that follow me that have more followers and there are people that have fewer. I don’t know how many people will read your comments. The more the better.

Here is what I would like to try:

I am going to pose just two questions. I would like you to give honest answers. You can write in phrases, incomplete sentences, start sentences with but or because, etc.

You can be creative in how you respond. I do not care about spelling, grammar, writing style or length. I simply want to know what you think. Actually we want to know what you think!

The only thing I ask is that you do not use cuss words and you do not other people’s names. I admit that sometimes I do both of these. It’s just that for the purposes of this project I would appreciate it if you don’t. Once I read your comment and it meets both criteria I will approve it and it will appear at the bottom of this blog. I will repost it as often as I can so that as many educators as possible can read what you have to say. They/we need to hear you!

I have absolutely no idea what this will accomplish.

Maybe nothing!

Maybe a bunch of teachers and administrators and “education people” will read your comments and it will make them think.

Then maybe, just maybe it will have an effect.

That is my hope!

If you don’t have time to answer both questions I would love it if you would answer just one. Just type your answer/s in the comment section please.

Thank you so much!


1. What is one thing we could start doing that would help make school more interesting?

2. What is one thing we should stop doing because it does absolutely nothing to help you learn?




  1. The one thing we could start doing is requiring genius hour every week. This would give students an opportunity to dive into areas they are interested in. This would allow teachers to be guides through the process. Increased engagement is a natural byproduct of this.
    The one thing I would stop is giving zeroes for incomplete work and extra credit. Students should be required to complete the assignment; giving them a zero provides them an excuse. Why give extra credit if the student will not complete what is required?
    Thanks, Jon. For challenging me to think this early in the morning!

  2. more interesting – Give students more voice and choice in the classroom. Allow teachers and admins to teach and lead with the heart
    stop doing – Being negative. Getting caught up in the wrong feelings, politics and ideas that impact our mindsets. Passing the buck.

  3. 1) School would be much more interesting if teachers were not required to follow the common core curriculum system. Common core makes it difficult for certain students to keep up with the rest of the class, and it shows them up-which is unfair and embarrassing to them.
    2) I personally don’t understand the concept of “chapter work”. It doesn’t help us to learn anything, in fact usually it makes us less likely to participate in other class activities. We just look for the answers in the text and write down the sort of thing that a teacher is looking for. We aren’t comprehending what we are reading, only looking for good grades.

  4. Just came across this. Thinking back when I was in school (over 60 now), I wish there was a way I could have asked questions without feeling stupid. We, or I, never raised our hand to ask a question if not understanding what was being taught, especially in math. And it would have been great to do hands-on activities. To go to a farm and see how animals are raised, free range or caged, etc. So many things we older folks would like to have learned.

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