Holding Your Own Hand

holding hands

We hold each other’s hands for comfort.

We hold each other’s hands for guidance.

And we hold each other’s hands for safety.

So what happens when we let go?

Last week I was holding my three-year old son’s hand as we were walking though a parking lot when he suddenly stopped. He told me he didn’t want to hold my hand. That he could hold his own hand. Next, he proceeded to do something that surprised and fascinated me. He let go of my hand and took his own hand. At this point he believed that holding his own hand would serve the same purpose.

I let go because we were right next to the car, but this two second event intrigued me.

Can we hold our own hands?

And if we can what it is the value?

Over the past several weeks I have read numerous posts on the power of the PLN and they have been amazing! I would not have half the knowledge, confidence and skills I do today if it were not for my PLN.

But what happens when we unplug?

What happens when we are by ourselves?

Could we benefit from holding our own hands?

At the moment that my son let go he clearly believed that he had things under control. And maybe he did. And maybe like my three-year old son we need to let go and take our own hands from time to time and just see what happens.

Oftentimes we are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Oftentimes we can let go and take our own hands. And we’d be just fine.

But it is scary.

Because we don’t know if we’ll fail. We might.

And we don’t know if we’re ready. We might not be.

We spend our days holding others’ hands. That is what we do. Until we know it is safe to let go. And we usually know just the right time to let go.

But what about those times when we can’t hold hands? What about those kids and staff who have no one’s hand to hold once they leave the building?

I think we need to teach others to hold their own hands. As crazy as this sounds, I think it is powerful and I think it is necessary.

Believing in oneself is powerful beyond measure!

If we can teach others the power they have within themselves. If we can get others to believe in themselves. If we can teach others that is okay to fail and make mistakes. Well, then I think we will have accomplished something great.

My son was the first person that I’ve ever known to ask for permission to hold his own hand. I will make sure that he is not the last.






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  1. Love the message in this post, Jon. Something as simple as a child wanting to care for himself… we all need to be able to take that leap, take off the training wheels and truly embrace the path that is our own. The support will be there, but we must be able to stand on our own. Thanks for sharing.

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