Moments Matter Most

My eight year old daughter was nervous and understandably so. She was about to play the very first soccer game of her life. And she was the only girl on her team. Not that that matters, but it did add to her nervousness.

To be quite honest, I was a little bit nervous as well. The game started out fine. The coach had decided to let her start the first half and within the first few minutes she got in a few kicks. I could tell she was nervous and a little bit uncomfortable, but as the game went on she began to gain more and more confidence.

I must mention that my three-year old son was at the game as well and between my wife, my mother-in-law and myself we took turns watching him. This was relatively easy because he was content just to run around in the grass and kick a mini soccer ball back and forth.

Halftime came and went in the blink of an eye and before I knew it she was back out on the field again. The ball went back and forth at a very quick pace. Goals were scored and my daughter got better as the game progressed.

Then with about ten minutes left in the game something happened. Actually a moment happened that sealed the game. It didn’t involve a breakaway goal or a diving save.  They would have been cool, but not as significant as what did take place.

With ten minutes left in the game my daughter’s best friend arrived. She was there to watch her brother’s game that was about to start, but I’m quite certain  she was more excited to see my daughter, her best friend. Her arrival coincided with a time when my daughter was resting on the bench.

So as BFF’s are prone to do, she went over and sat next to her on the bench. When my son saw this he went over and sat next to them. The game was still going on, but that moment on the bench was it.

My daughter, her best friend and my son were all simply just enjoying each others’ company.

That sealed it!

Game won!

Notice that I have yet to mention a score. Because it didn’t matter. Moments like the one pictured below are what we would should be striving for. Too often I think we miss these moments because we are too concerned with scores, results and ratings.

Not on this day! I didn’t miss a thing and the photo below is proof.

first soccer game

I thought it would be kinda cool for us to both write about the same event. So I asked my daughter to write about her very first game. I figured the different perspectives would be interesting. She couldn’t wait for me to read what she had written, but I only let her share her first sentence with me. I wanted our pieces to be from our own unique perspectives. Below is what my daughter wrote about her first game.

My Very First Game

It started with sweaty palms A sick stomach and A urge to go home. I was thinking I’m probably gonna help them lose but then I heard my mom say that my best friend was coming then I thought when your doing something that means the world to you and your nervous about it all I can say is think happy thought. I got that from my daddy cause when you think about it your only playing the game not cause you wanna win cause you wanna have fun. So in the game I kept doing that and are team won so when your playing a sport, speaking or making a change remember that.

I am one proud Daddy! Not because my daughter’s team won the game, but because my daughter is learning what matters most in life and it doesn’t involve a number.


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