Just One More Rectangle

Do you not notice that the house I am drawing has no roof?

That is where my story begins.

But the rectangle you laid on my desk is not enough for what I have in mind.

I need more.

I ask to draw on the back.

But you tell me I can’t.

That no one will see what is on the back.

When you stick it motionless to the wall.

Well, no one will know my story if you don’t give me space to finish it.

I ask for an extra rectangle.

But you tell me one is all I am allowed.

Then please tell me how I can finish my story.

I purposefully did not draw a roof.

That was where my story was to begin.

And yet now it seems that that is where it will end.

I could have just as easily drawn a house,

with a roof

 some flowers

and a sun.

But that is not my story.

My story begins in the clouds and …

Well I’m really not sure how it ends.

In fact, I don’t really believe that it has to.

End that is.

I watch the big timer move towards zero.

And I want to get up and smash it.

I won’t though.

I will end my story now.

Using just my one rectangle.

But know this.

You were going to be in my story.

I was so excited to share it with you.

You would have been magnificent in your cape!

But now…

Thirty seconds left?


I’ll draw a line for the roof.

Almost done.

A circle for the sun.

And some flowers in the corner.


I didn’t follow directions?

Well, I am sorry.

All I needed was just one more rectangle.


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  1. Jon,
    Nicely done! I really enjoyed reading and look forward to sharing with my staff as an “ice breaker” during one of our PD meetings. It really made me reflect as a parent and educator. I am sure it will relate to people on different levels. Thanks for writing!

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