Don’t Blink

Our first real snow still blankets the ground. By real snow I mean enough to build a snowman. Enough to force you to have to bundle up. Enough that allows you to go to bed knowing that you will be off the next day.

Yesterday we got to eat snow, throw snowballs, slide in snow and make snow angels. It was a blast! I took my phone with me because I love capturing these types of moments. Luckily I was able to capture a few. One in particular hit me quite hard. You see, it seems like just yesterday I recorded my daughter making one of her very first snow angels. On my very first iPhone. That I have somehow managed to hold onto.

That was six years ago. Before I even knew what Twitter was and before I knew what being a father really meant. Where did the years go? Since that snowy day I have had a son, changed schools and positions and experienced more joys than some people get to experience in a lifetime. I truly am a lucky man.

But the fact that that moment seemed like just yesterday makes me wonder.

Did I blink?

And if I did, what did I miss?

I don’t recall closing my eyes for very long. But apparently I did.

Life can be tough at times. And I truly get why we blink. But when we do, what is it that we miss? Is blocking out the difficult worth missing the sublime? I don’t know. I imagine for each person the answer is different. But I hate to think that I may have missed moments like the one captured above simply because I closed my eyes. Just for a moment.

Educating and shaping young minds is your calling. If not then you wouldn’t be reading this. But the landscape is changing. Children are coming to us more battered and more broken than ever before. And it can be difficult to watch. So sometimes it is easier just to blink. And hope that maybe their issues will go away and their problems will magically be solved. But Life doesn’t work that way.

Time does not stand still when we blink. In fact, I think it accelerates. The video that I recorded yesterday is proof of this.

This is the same little girl that was in the first video. I can’t even fully comprehend this. Much has changed since that snowy day six years ago. She has learned what it means to be a big sister. And she is a great one! She can read virtually anything that is put in front of her, whereas six years ago letters were simply marks on a page. My little girl is no longer little. Each day I discover something new about her that I didn’t know the day before.

But through it all one thing has remained constant. Her positive outlook and her belief in herself. If you go back and listen carefully you can hear it in the videos when she is evaluating her snow angels.

At 3 years old:

“I did. Look Daddy. Take a picture of it.”

Yesterday, at 9 years old:

“That looks awesome.”

So while I am certain that there have been times over the past six years that I have blinked, I feel very fortunate to have had my eyes open for many wonderful moments. I can not go back and worry about what I might have missed. But I can try to blink a little less.

Below is the video of my three-year old son making his snow angel yesterday. Listen to the enthusiasm his sister shows for his efforts. Awesome!

I am sure there will be times when Life will be hard to watch.

But that’s okay. If it means I get to experience more Snow Angel Moments like the three above, then bring it on.

My eyes are wide open!






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