Forget How Much

forget how much

They make messes and don’t clean them up.

They argue with us even they are not even close to being right.

They cause us to worry more than we ever thought possible.

And they can make us so angry we sometimes forget their names.

But damn if it isn’t all worth it!

I often enjoy just sitting back and admiring my children when they don’t even know that I am watching them. And I realize that it doesn’t make sense, but I often wonder if they are even real. How was I chosen to spend my days with these amazing creations?

The answer to that question is well beyond my realm of understanding. But one thing I am certain of is that they are always going to know how much they mean to me. And because they do, they are able to carry that love with them wherever they go. I can’t imagine them not knowing. Yet, I see many children each day that carry nothing. Or if they are carrying something, it looks nothing like love.

Many of our children come to school angry, sad, stressed and depressed. They have reason to be. Once we hear their stories we are amazed that they are able to compose themselves as well they do. So what can we do?

I am constantly telling and showing my son and daughter how much I love them. And they know they are loved unconditionally. But sometimes I like to tease my four-year old son. I will say, “Derek I forget how much I love you.” Without hesitation he always responds, “infinity.”

The students that we work with each and every day may come through our doors each day not knowing how much they are loved. But they should never leave that way. It is our job to show and tell them how we feel about them. They must know!

If you are working somewhere in which hugs are not allowed. Then leave!

If you are working somewhere that won’t allow you to tell a child that you love and care for them. Then quit!

And if you are working with children and you don’t think that either of the above are important. Then maybe it’s time you find a different profession!

Too harsh?

I don’t think so.

What would you want for your own children?

I know what I want for mine. So while I may often joke around with my son and say, “I forget how much I love you”, I always know what his response will be.


We must make it our mission to show and tell our students how we feel about them. They should never wonder and they should never have to guess. More than anything they should never, ever

forget how much.


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