Missing Socks


I want to start making time to find my missing socks because it pisses me off when I can’t. It doesn’t sound like much. I know. But it bothers me that they go missing. And every morning I waste a few seconds here and a few there hoping that at least one might magically return.

What would my productivity mentors say? Well, they don’t really know that their my mentors. But I look to them for ways that I can be more productive with my time. I am referring to the countless people that share information, tips and ideas about ways that I can be more productive with my time. Or to put in kids terms, use my time wisely. I’m not even sure I know what that means anymore.

In his bestselling book, Good To Great, Jim Collins suggests that we should spend less time making to-do lists and more time creating stop-doing lists. I can dig that. Our lists of stuff to do are just too damn long. And while I am on the topic of lists, do we always have to have one? I know I know. We are all very busy and we have a lot to get done. Or at least we tell ourselves that we do.

But I am starting to realize that we don’t always have to focusing on doing. Because I am starting to realize that not-doing can oftentimes feel quite good. By not-doing I do not mean ignoring and/or neglecting our responsibilities.

What I am referring to is granting yourself time each day or at the minimum, each week, to simply be. To not be working on something that can checked off a list. Plus, I am beginning to find that 2 or 3 things well done can be much more rewarding than a laundry list of assorted tasks that have been checked off.

I spend a lot of time reading articles, listening to podcasts and viewing Ted Talks aimed at helping us become more productive. But here’s the thing. If we are always looking for ways to to better do things then we are doing things. Right?

I mean Getting Things Done by David Allen is brilliant, but it means we always have stuff to do. Do we really? I really want to have time to find my missing socks because it pisses me off when I can’t. But I don’t because I am working my list. Why? Because it’s there. And if it’s there, then it must get worked.

I need to really start thinking about what is essential in my life. What is necessary?

Are there things on the list that…if didn’t get done…nobody but me would know? They need to go!

What are the things that bring me the most joy in life? They need to be on the list!

They should not be added only if I have spare time.

I believe we need to start saving our energy for our passions and the things that matter most to us. Like our families, our friends and our bucket lists. It’s time to get started on this.

No more “getting ready.”

My dad used to always tease me when I told him I was “gettin’ ready” to do something. Because we all know that getting ready to do anything is just a b.s. excuse for I’d rather waste more time doing nothing. And life is too short for that.

As I am typing away at 4 am I can hear the light above the sink humming.The kind that provides just enough light to see but not enough to see well. I hear my heating system turn off and on as it battles to keep the house at just the right temperature.

And right now I am waiting for just the right words to finish this piece. They appear in spurts. A sentence here. A word there. I keep glancing at the tabs I have open at the top of my browser so from time to time I glance up. But I am able to resist clicking them. They’re not on my list.

Ha ha.

What if I took this time to find those missing socks?

Would that be so bad?

I think I can do it.

I’m tired of knowing that that S.O.B. is somewhere in my house just mocking me.

And just like that that I lost my train of thought.

That’s okay.

Time to step away.

Creative flow state can’t be forced.

To be honest I don’t think we really have much say in the matter. We can create favorable conditions in the hope that it appears. But then it just shows up. Unannounced. And when it does we need write like Hell.

I think I’m gonna go look for those socks.

I can finish this blog another day.




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