What Teachers Should Be Thinking About on Wednesday

Hump day! I have never fully understood the hoopla that surrounds Wednesdays. Yes, halfway through the day the work week is halfway over. Yes, you sort of feel like the weekend is within sight. And yes, you begin to feel as if you have finally gained some momentum. Okay, I get it now. Having said […]

What Teachers Should Be Thinking About on Tuesday

So, you got one day under your belt. And depending on how it went, you either feel energized or deflated about the rest of the week. That’s okay and that’s normal. Tuesday is a unique day. You can’t quite see the weekend, but you know it’s there. Furthermore, you’ve got four more days to make […]

What Teachers Should Be Thinking About on Monday

So here we go. Another week. You got this. Today you have the opportunity to get a little momentum going. You don’t need a lot. Just enough so that you head into tomorrow, Tuesday, with a little more swag than you had the day before. It’s possible. In fact, I think it is likely if […]

What Teachers Should Be Thinking About On Saturday

Oh, the joy of Saturday. Sleeping in, college football and knowing you have another day before you go back to work, makes Saturday the favorite day of the week for most teachers. And yet, how many of us have gotten to Sunday evening and wondered where the weekend went? I for one have wasted many […]