“If You Build It…”

( This piece originally ran on Finding Common Ground on 5/1/14) Anyone with children knows how hectic the morning routine can be, even on the best days. One of the most difficult parts of our morning routine is when we say goodbye to our children…especially when those children are under four. Children under four don’tContinue reading ““If You Build It…””

Tell Me A Story About Your Day

How many of us want to learn more about our child’s day? How many us get very little in response when we ask them? I see a lot of hands, including mine, raised up high. This isn’t a new phenomenon. For years parents have been trying to pry information out of their children, only toContinue reading “Tell Me A Story About Your Day”

“Wagons Are For Babies Anyway”

Timmy the turtle knew the big day was coming. His first day of school was only a month away and he was very excited. His brothers and sisters had always loved school and he just knew that he would too. They would come home each day and tell him of the grand adventures that they had had inContinue reading ““Wagons Are For Babies Anyway””

Daddy, Where Does Our Lap Go When We Stand Up?

A, B, C, D , E, F, G.. This was a question that my 8-year-old daughter posed to me earlier this year and I had absolutely no idea how to answer it. And I thought that was pretty cool! Kids’ brains work in ways that we can’t even imagine. (My son several years ago) My concern isContinue reading “Daddy, Where Does Our Lap Go When We Stand Up?”