How To Connect Without Saying A Word

As usual, Peter DeWitt’s pieces on his blog Finding Common Ground always have a way of pushing my thinking. His piece last week, Body Language: What Are We Telling Our Students, really made me stop and reflect on the various was that we influence and connect with students. More specifically, it made me think about the ways inContinue reading “How To Connect Without Saying A Word”

Why Great Teachers Are Adored By Their Students

It is no coincidence that some teachers are adored by their students and some teachers are not. And while teachers that are adored by their students are not always great, all great teachers are always adored by their students. During my 17 years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and vice principal I have noticedContinue reading “Why Great Teachers Are Adored By Their Students”

“If You Build It…”

( This piece originally ran on Finding Common Ground on 5/1/14) Anyone with children knows how hectic the morning routine can be, even on the best days. One of the most difficult parts of our morning routine is when we say goodbye to our children…especially when those children are under four. Children under four don’tContinue reading ““If You Build It…””

Tell Me A Story About Your Day

How many of us want to learn more about our child’s day? How many us get very little in response when we ask them? I see a lot of hands, including mine, raised up high. This isn’t a new phenomenon. For years parents have been trying to pry information out of their children, only toContinue reading “Tell Me A Story About Your Day”