Slowing Down: The Soft Skill that Gets Left Behind

We spend our lives planning and hoping for them yet oftentimes the most beautiful moments happen by accident—when we slow down long enough to take in what was right in front of us along. I had to go to another school to pick up work forwa one of our students. I could have walked. IContinue reading “Slowing Down: The Soft Skill that Gets Left Behind”

Worried About That Student on Your Class List? (Just remember these 5 things)

You don’t like what you are thinking. How you are feeling, They’re somebody’s kid. Someone’s world. But you can’t help it. Seeing her name on your class list has you worried. All you can think about are class disruptions, interrupted instruction and stand-offs. Please know that that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. We’ve allContinue reading “Worried About That Student on Your Class List? (Just remember these 5 things)”

Why We Shouldn’t Give 100%

Something has to change. Then again, maybe it’s just me. I am paid a fair salary and my working conditions are good. And yet, it continues to bother me. So, until I make a change, it will continue to happen. What am I talking about? I am referring to the physical and mental state IContinue reading “Why We Shouldn’t Give 100%”

What Teachers Should be Thinking About On Thursday

Just two days left before the weekend. If you’re having a tough week, just remember you’re almost there. And if you’re week is going well, then keep riding the wave. It’s easy to shrug your shoulders at Thursday because it’s not Humpday, like Wednesday and it’s not Friday, the last day before you get aContinue reading “What Teachers Should be Thinking About On Thursday”

What Teachers Should Be Thinking About on Wednesday

Hump day! I have never fully understood the hoopla that surrounds Wednesdays. Yes, halfway through the day the work week is halfway over. Yes, you sort of feel like the weekend is within sight. And yes, you begin to feel as if you have finally gained some momentum. Okay, I get it now. Having saidContinue reading “What Teachers Should Be Thinking About on Wednesday”