What Teachers Should Be Thinking About on Friday

The last bell rang and students are on their way home. It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is almost here! Some staff members are contemplating happy hour while others just want to rest. But before you pack your bag and head to the parking lot, I want you try the following three things. Trust me, […]

Three Students You Need to Reach Right Away

Don’t the first few weeks of school always seem to fly by? It usually takes you a week or so to get back into the routine of waking up early—but before you know it, you’re up before the alarm even goes off. Depending on the size of your class or classes, you are getting to […]

Three Ways Teachers Can Recapture a Few Slices of Time

Who wouldn’t want find just a little bit more time in their day? Think of all that you could accomplish if you could locate an extra half hour or hour each day. Oh, and if we could somehow get time to stop for just a bit while we caught up. That would be uh-mazing. Well, […]

Education Conferences: How to Choose Which Sessions to Attend

How do you decide which sessions to attend when you go to a conference? Especially one that has amazing session at every time slot. It’s not easy and until last week, I had no plan. It’s not as if this is tragedy, but I can tell you that I left the most recent conference I […]