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How Embracing Vulnerability Will Help Build Trust In Your Classroom and Building

The sooner we begin sharing our mistakes with the people we serve, the sooner they will stop thinking that they have to be perfect. Imagine a classroom, school or district in which students and staff no longer worry about making mistakes. Through powerful and sometimes painful stories, Jon will demonstrate how being vulnerable actually makes us stronger. He will demonstrate how being vulnerable gives those around us the courage to do the same. You will walk away inspired and with the tools necessary to take your classroom, building or district culture to the next level.

It’s Not About You … Or Is It? Tools, Tactics & Strategies for the Personal Challenges Educators Face

While you are doing everything you can to reach every student, in every classroom, every day who is taking care of you? To be prepared to consistently reach every student, we have to put Maslow before Bloom and develop the habit of self-care.  But that is easier said than done. In this keynote Jon will provide easy and practical strategies that educators can and should put into place if they want to perform at their best.


“I absolutely loved Jon visiting our campus. He worked incredibly well with our students and staff and really shared great personal stories that connected with all. Days after Jon leaving, our students were still talking about the lessons they learned. Jon is a dynamic speaker who moves people. I would recommend him coming into any campus!”

  — Todd Nesloney | Author of Kids Deserve It, Sparks in the Dark & Stories From Webb

“Jon’s keynote in Melbourne 2018 was a refreshing reminder of what really matters. He speaks colloquially, informally and in an engaging manner. I would recommend Jon to any educational symposium seeking to address staff or student welfare.”

Matt Burns | Flipped Learning International Faculty Flipped Learning Top 100


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