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Tell Me A Story About Your Day

How many of us want to learn more about our child’s day? How many us get very little in response when we ask them? I see a lot of hands, including mine, raised up high. This isn’t a new phenomenon. For years parents have been trying to pry information out of their children, only to get the same lifeless responses. Well, I think I have just now figured out how to solve this problem. No more questions! Instead, I think we simply need to make the following statement: “Tell me a story about… Read more Tell Me A Story About Your Day

How You Say My Name Matters To Me

How you say my name matters to me. You see, I’ve heard it said many different ways. Some I like and some I don’t and some are in between. But I notice. Please know that I do. You may not realize it, but the way you say my name can make or break my day. Because I listen. And I don’t just hear the sounds the sounds that come out of your mouth, but I hear what’s behind them. Sometimes they sting and sometimes they soothe. Sometimes they excite and sometimes they… Read more How You Say My Name Matters To Me