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Sunshine Award Response to Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry

I feel very honored to have been nominated by Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry to take part in this exercise. I have just recently become connected with Dea and in that short time have enjoyed her posts and feedback. My favorite post of hers is “Why I Teach…A Blog Motivated By A Tweet”. I have participated in this type of activity two other times in the past month and have found it to be reflective and fun. Here is how it works. Acknowledge the nominating blogger. Share 11 random facts about yourself. Answer the 11 questions… Read more Sunshine Award Response to Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry

Building Trust and Relationships

In his book What Great Teachers Do Differently, Todd Whitaker writes, “If you don’t have great teachers, you don’t have a great school and nothing else is going to change that.” Furthermore, if we do not build relationships and trust with teachers, then we are limiting how great they can really be.  Trust and relationships are everything, and we know this. Here are five strategies to help you build trust and relationships as you head into the new year. “To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable… Read more Building Trust and Relationships

Great Day Organizer

I recently put in a proposal to present at a local conference. My topic deals with how to stay positive and reduce stress in the 21st century. I  created a graphic organizer that I plan on using regardless of whether or not my proposal is accepted. It can be filled out at different times of the day and should only take a few minutes of reflection and forward thinking. I find much inspiration from my PLN and therefore have mentioned and referenced some fellow bloggers, who among many others, have had… Read more Great Day Organizer

The Refrigerator Light

He opened it. He closed it. He opened it. He closed it. He opened it. He closed it. What in the world was he doing? And then it hit me! My two-year old son was trying to figure out how and why the light in the refrigerator goes off and on. I am fairly certain that at age two my son has not yet cracked the code. But watching him for those twenty seconds try to figure out one of life’s little mysteries, was beautiful, humorous and insightful all at… Read more The Refrigerator Light