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4 Tips For A Great Parent Meeting

  A meeting with an angry parent can often be the determining factor in a student’s success. If you have the full support of a student’s parent and are able to build a strong partnership then anything is possible. On the other hand, if you have a bad relationship with a parent the success of the student can jeopardized. The following are 4 things you can do to help ensure a great parent meeting. 1. Positioning When you meet with a parent, make sure that you sit as close as is comfortably possible. It… Read more 4 Tips For A Great Parent Meeting

Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

I couldn’t help but wonder what my African-American neighbors and community members must have thought the other day when they saw me with my family in Walmart the day after the verdict. You see I was simply talking my middle class family of four to the store for our weekly grocery run. We drove up in our Volvo and walked into the store. I saw several people I knew and exchanged pleasantries with them like I would on any other occasion. Some of the folks were black and some of the… Read more Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Keep Them On The Phone

Tomorrow is parent conference day in my county and I can’t help but be reminded of some advice given by Seth Godin two years ago at the Chik-fil-a Leadercast. He discussed the importance of keeping his customers on the line as long as possible and suggested that educators try the same philosophy with parents.  Seth believed that the longer you keep someone on the phone the more you learn about them and the more you learn about them the better you can serve them. I believe we can do the same… Read more Keep Them On The Phone

Please Take Care Of Yourself

While the research shows that teachers have the most influence on the student success, the quality of the leadership runs a close second. Furthermore, I believe that the quality of the teacher is often determined by the quality of the leader. As leaders of students and teachers we need to do all that we can to take care of our mental well-being. This can be very difficult with all that leaders are being asked to do today. I also know that more and more leaders today are following the servant-leader… Read more Please Take Care Of Yourself

What I Learned Watching Dogs and Daisies

Stop for just one minute and take notice of the natural world around you. Absorb a sunrise. Go for a walk. Smell your flowers. Play with your dog. When we pause just for a moment to take in the magnificence of what is around us it is quite amazing and brilliant and it is time we start learning from it. It got me thinking about the fact that we spend millions of dollars learning from each other via conferences, books, and videos. There is nothing wrong with that, as I… Read more What I Learned Watching Dogs and Daisies